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Email Solutions

While email is by no means a new technology, the systems we use to store and distribute them continue to evolve to meet the ever increasing demand. At 3aIT, we now recommend Microsoft's email offerings to our clients, and have gained Microsoft silver small and midmarket cloud solutions partner status. For personal email and small to medium size businesses, we now tend to steer clients towards Microsoft's 365 service.

We are able to offer rates better than those paid when going to Microsoft direct for these services. For the larger organsiations, while Microsoft 365 is also an option, we also have significant Microsoft Exchange expertise, and can deploy this in cases that an on-premises or hosted solution is the best course of action.

Microsoft 365 Logo

Why use Microsoft 365?

  • Simple to set up email accounts on all devices. Just enter your email and password, and then you're done!
  • Generous total email allowance
  • Powerful web-based email access that is increasingly indistinguishable from the full version of Outlook
  • High uptime ensured by robust cloud-based infrastructure
  • Package can be expanded to include other Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Microsoft Exchange

Why use Microsoft Exchange?

  • No ongoing charges (ensuring the software and hardware remains up to date and powerful enough for current demands aside)
  • Ultimate flexibility over your email setup
  • Sometime needed for compliance purposes. With an on-premises Microsoft Exchange setup, you know exactly where your email is stored and who has access to it
  • If permanent internet access may be an issue on a particular site, all existing email can still be accessed for those working from the same location as the Exchange server



While Microsoft 365 does offer a robust feature set, we've partnered with Fusemail to provide an extra level of security, continuity and peace of mind for those that need it. The primary reason we recommend Fusemail's services is as an extra level of spam scanning before email even hits your inbox.

Spam Filtering

Keeping spam out of your inbox while ensuring that genuine email isn't also caught in the net is a constant battle. Spammers are always working on new ways past filters, so your spam filter needs to be constantly adjusting to allow for this.

This is why 3aIT have partnered with Fusemail to provide an Email Security / Spam Filtering service that we have tried and tested.

What does Fusemail's Email Security and Spam Filtering Solution do?

Fusemail's Email Security and Spam Filtering Solution has a spam detection rate consistently around 99.9%. You don't have to install any software - the filtering is all done before the email hits your inbox. This means it works with any email system. Of course, as the processing of these spam emails is done externally, this means they never hit your company's server, which will reduce network traffic and server load.

All the administration is done via a website. We can manage this for you if you require. Reports can be set up to let you know exactly what is being blocked.

Please contact us if you feel you and your business could benefit from this service.

Email Continuity

What happens to your emails when your email server suffers downtime? Even if you have provision for the emails to wait on a backup server until the problem is resolved, there is still the issue of business delayed or lost in the interim.

3aIT have partnered with Fusemail to provide a robust email continuity solution to address this issue.

What does Fusemail's Email Continuity Solution do?

Fusemail’s Email Continuity Solution allows you to log in, send, receive and forward emails during email server downtime. It also saves a copy of all this activity. You don't have to install any software – this is all managed via a website.

When your email server does become available again, all the messages sent during the downtime will then deliver themselves to your primary server as usual.

Please contact us if you feel you and your business could benefit from this service.

Hosted Exchange

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a Microsoft Exchange server that works in exactly the same way as a copy of Exchange running on a local server, but without the technical and financial burdens of infrastructure, licensing and maintenance.

You’ll get all the usual Exchange features - personal and shared contacts and calendars, public folders, document sharing and task management. This means full Outlook integration, along with the usual IMAP and POP access as required.

Please contact us if you feel you and your business could benefit from this service.

Email Archiving

Many industries are bound by rules that require them to ensure they have an archive of all email the company has sent and received – sometimes going back years. This is often costly – not only from a data storage standpoint, but also from a retrieval standpoint if you need to access these messages again at a later date.

This is why 3aIT have partnered with Fusemail to provide an Email Archiving service.

What does Fusemail's Email Archiving Solution do?

Fusemail's Email Archiving solution saves and indexes every email meaning you can search them with ease when necessary. This helps your business to comply with regulations imposed by PCI, Companies Act, Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act amongst others.

A simple per-user cost enables the solution to scale to the needs of your business without any additional installation or maintenance charges.

This archive is also tamperproof as the messages are stored in a remote location and are archived before they’ve even hit your email server.

This is all managed with a web based system – no software is required to access the archive.

Please contact us if you feel you and your business could benefit from this service.