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For people that use Windows especially, Microsoft's approach to Teams has been a bit of a mess. Windows comes preinstalled with Teams, but this version doesn't support work accounts. For that, you need to install a different app also called Teams. This is finally being resolved.

Photo manipulation has been in the news a lot recently. Although this is often generically referred to as "Photoshopping", few people actually use that actual app to touch up their snaps. Microsoft have now added a new erase tool to the Photos app that comes with Windows that allows you to remove anything you like from your picture. Let's take a look at it in action.

If you use Microsoft's Outlook email client with any regularity, you may well have noticed the "Try the new Outlook" toggle appear at the top of the app in recent months. Maybe you've even tried it. Either way, the slow demise of the "classic" version of the app has now been outlined.

Putting electronics that you've just spilt your coffee all over into uncooked rice in the hopes of drying it out is one of those things that many of us have absorbed as fact in a similar way to what you're supposed to do to ease a jellyfish sting. However, much like the latter example, it appears common knowledge is wrong in this case too.

By default, Microsoft's Edge browser now effectively puts browser tabs to "sleep" when they are untouched for a little while. This is a great memory saving measure. However, in cases where the tab would normally indicate there's something new to check (eg webmail after a new email) this can cause problems. This guide explains how to disable this feature for certain websites.

The latest figures from the browser measuring team at Statcounter has revealed that Microsoft's previously unloved Edge browser is now beginning to gain some traction - on desktop machines at least. It has now overtaken Safari as the second most popular browser. Should you be switching if you haven't already?

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