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Picture the scene... you get a video call from your boss or your financial manager asking you to transfer funds or open that email attachment they've just sent you. You'd do it, right? They've just told you to. However, a new cyber-threat is emerging, and this time, it's visual.

You may have noticed when searching Google for certain words and phrases that a lot of the results are not very high quailty. They have made some changes to their algorithm to try and prioritse "“content by people, for people” to try and minimise the effectiveness of pages with no real value other than to rank highly for specific keywords.

Many people will have used Microsoft's Outlook app or its web counterpart to set their Out of Office automated replies when they're off on holiday or otherwise unable to respond to email. What you may not know is that it's now also possible to do this within Microsoft Teams, which may be convenient for those that don't have access to Outlook for whatever reason.

With energy prices on the rise, you may be looking for ways to try and cut down on your bills. This month's HowTo will show you where to find the power settings in Windows, which determine how quickly various bits of your PC are put into sleep mode, therefore saving power.

Don't worry - nothing to do with pandemics! You may remember a lot of reporting on attacks using so-called "Pegasus" spyware a while back, which allowed attackers pretty much full access to any phone with no known fix. This new feature coming to iPhones is intended to mitigate this risk somewhat.

You don't need the memory of an elephant to remember a time in which Microsoft said version 10 of Windows would be the "last ever". That clearly wasn't the case given Windows 11 now exists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Microsoft is planning to release another major version in the not too distant future.

Do you accept cookies? This question is thrown at us so many times a day now that most people just have a reflex action towards the "Accept" button so they can go about their business. The UK Government is hoping to change that with new laws that will remove the need for these banners. As is often the case, it's unlikely to be as simple as that...

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