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For anyone that has already made the switch to Windows 11, the most obvious change you'll notice is that the taskbar is now aligned centrally, along with a few other tweaks. This month's HowTo explores the new settings to customise what you see here, including moving everything back to the left, should you so wish.

Google have announced changes coming to all Google Drive users in a recent blog. This may or may not be big news for you depending on what you use Google Drive for. In certain circumstances you may find files that you're trying to share or trying to download have been locked.

As we had a break from blogs last month, there's a few changes to Windows 11 either already in place or coming soon that it's worth covering. These include changes to the Control Panel, Office, the taskbar and even the return of Clippy! In this article, we'll quickly run through all of these.

The new version of Microsoft's venerable operating system has now been officially available for a few weeks now. However, it's pretty unlikely you'll have been offered it yet. It is possible to proactively install it in advance of it being pushed via Windows Update. Is that a good idea right now?

Have you ever needed to look at a website or check something else online from a location other than your own? Maybe you need to check how your website looks outside of the UK. Maybe you want to check the results Google returns when it isn't factoring in all the things it knows about you. Opera's free browser VPN can help with this.

A couple of months ago, we blogged that WhatsApp will be rolling out a new feature that allows you to access your account on multiple devices that will continue to work regardless of whether the "primary" phone is in range / switched on. This is now being rolled out, so our HowTo this month explains how to do this.

Shortly after we published our blog last month asking whether Apple's child safety plan was the thin end of the wedge, they announced that they would be delaying these plans. While we won't take full credit for this, what has Apple decided to do here, exactly?

Although Microsoft is very keen for people to use their 365 service to access their ubiquitous Office suite, they are still making "fixed" versions available every few years for those that want to avoid the subscription service for whatever reason. The next of these is launching very soon.

Quick! It's on sale! Buy it fast! But wait... Is this deal as good as it seems? It's easy to get caught up in the moment and jump on a limited time offer, but it often pays to check whether the price really is better than it has been in the past (and therefore may well be again in the future). This month's HowTo shows you where to look to find out.