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Last week saw the launch of the 8th major version of Google's Android operating system (codenamed "Oreo"). Android recently overtook Windows as the most popular operating system, so news of a new version should be a major event. However phone operators are often very reluctant to push out the latest version of the operating system, preferring instead that you buy a brand new phone.

Google have announced that the next version of their Android mobile operating system will be released shortly. It's likely it will be made available in or around September. Google haven't assigned it the traditional "sweet" codename yet (a la Lollipop, KitKat, Ice Cream Sandwich etc). As far as numbered versioning is concerned, it's not currently clear if this will be version 5.2 or version 6.

According to emerging reports, there has been a major flaw found in the web browser that comes as standard in millions of Android devices. If exploited, this vulnerability would allow an attacker to view other websites that the browser may also currently be accessing.

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