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Current web-overlords Google have been angling to do away with 3rd party website cookies for a while, and that plan is now moving into its final stages. This is likely to be good news for most people, as it should eventually remove the need for endless cookie banners. However, not everyone will be jumping for joy.

You may have noticed when searching Google for certain words and phrases that a lot of the results are not very high quailty. They have made some changes to their algorithm to try and prioritse "“content by people, for people” to try and minimise the effectiveness of pages with no real value other than to rank highly for specific keywords.

We know many of you like to pile up the tabs in Google Chrome. While tabbed browsing is certainly a useful feature, it can start to get unwieldy once you have more than a handful of pages open at once. Google will soon be adding improvements to their Chrome browser to make things easier.

By default, when you first load Google's Chrome browser, it will display a single tab with a Google search box in it, along with some recently visited websites. However, it is possible to get it to always open a specific web page when you open it, and to also load any number of other pages into further tabs. This month's HowTo explains how to go about doing this.

You may or may not have been aware that the UK's plan to impose age verification has suffered a further delay from its latest planned date of July 15th. This blog takes a quick look at the history of this plan, an update on some of the specifics since our last look at this, and the reason for the current delay

It has been the case for a while that users of Google's Chrome browser will have seen a warning when browsing a website without a valid SSL certificate that requires any sort of user input. The latest version of the browser takes this approach a step further.

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