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Google Chrome logo on PhoneWe know many of you like to pile up the tabs in Google Chrome. While tabbed browsing is certainly a useful feature, it can start to get unwieldy once you have more than a handful of pages open at once. Google will soon be adding improvements to their Chrome browser to make things easier.

A new feature called "Tab groups" is being rolled out for beta testing to a select group of users, with a view to a full rollout very soon, if not already. Tab groups will allow you to organise, label and colour-code your tabs to help arrange them in a helpful way.

Once you have the new version of the browser that incorporates this feature, you can right-click on any tab and pick "Add tab to group." Then, you can select an existing group to move the tab to or create a new one, which you can also name and label.

For instance, you could have a group of tabs related to a specific project, another for shopping sites, and another for news sites. Alternatively, you could group tabs by priority (eg "Today" / "This Week" / "Future"), or by progress on the task (eg "In Progress" / "Follow up" / "Completed").

Google tend to roll out new features fairly slowly, testing them with ever increasing numbers of people to see if the feature adversely impacts normal usage. You may therefore find that you're able to do this on one device and not on another for a short while. However, once fully launched, this feature may well make browsing a lot more efficient.