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Wordpress will very shortly be releasing version 5 of their hugely popular content management system (CMS). Unlike many of the recent updates, this is a major release, and will include changes that fundamentally change how the CMS functions.

Recent research by W3techs has revealed what powers the top websites in the world. Unsurprisingly, Wordpress was the clear leader. However, the data did contain a few surprises. We take a look at what the research reveals.

The next version of the popular CMS, Wordpress, is due for release on April 12th. While this date is subject to change, the release candidate has been released on time, which bodes well for timing the final release.

A fix for a nasty vulnerability in the Joomla website CMS system has now been released. Joomla provides the backend for many of the world's websites (including several of our own).

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