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The latest incremental release of popular website CMS "Joomla" has just been made available.

The most noticable of the change is front end module editing. This means that, as you have been able to do with articles for some time, logged in administrative users can edit the modules on the website directly rather than having to use the back end.

Other changes include improvements to the security systems that try and identify malicious code uploads via the extension installer, and collapsible sidebars in the admin area to make the interface more responsive.

All Joomla users should be looking to upgrade to this release shortly. Upgrading from 3.3 should be fairly painless (although, as always, we never recommend any CMS update is applied directly to a live website). Anyone running versions earlier than this (especially those running the now unsupported v2.5) should expect to have to be more extensive in their testing when upgrading.

For a complete list of changes, see Joomla's post about the update.