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Photo manipulation has been in the news a lot recently. Although this is often generically referred to as "Photoshopping", few people actually use that actual app to touch up their snaps. Microsoft have now added a new erase tool to the Photos app that comes with Windows that allows you to remove anything you like from your picture. Let's take a look at it in action.

By default, Microsoft's Edge browser now effectively puts browser tabs to "sleep" when they are untouched for a little while. This is a great memory saving measure. However, in cases where the tab would normally indicate there's something new to check (eg webmail after a new email) this can cause problems. This guide explains how to disable this feature for certain websites.

As important as keeping your devices up to date with all the latest security updates is (and this really is important), the biggest weak point in any device's defenses is almost always us, the users. Our HowTo this month lists some things to look for in emails that might indicate they're not what they appear to be.

Those of us that like opening loads of browser tabs and / or have machines that are getting on a bit may find that Chrome can sometimes bring their machine to a crawl. Google have introduced new settings to help combat this problem. This month's HowTo outlines how to activate this new feature.

Microsoft is continuing its mission to bring new AI tools to its systems and apps over the coming months and years. After last month's introduction of its CoPilot tool into Windows 11, this month it's bringing text detection to the snipping tool, allowing you to copy text embedded in an image into your clipboard for use elsewhere.

Microsoft have now started a likely forever project of adding and enhancing AI tools within their software. This month sees Windows itself get an AI assistant that can answer questions and perform tasks within the operating system. Let's have a look at how to use it!

We have long been advocates of protecting your online accounts with more than just a password wherever that option is offered. However, it can be a hassle to have to grab your phone every time you want to log in somewhere if you're currently using a different device. This guide explains how to use Authy to sync these one-time codes to your desktop, laptop, tablet or additional phones.

As an IT support and development company, there's often occasions where someone is trying to describe an obscure problem to us in words that it would be much easier to show in a video. Microsoft have recently added the ability to record video in their screenshot snipping tool. This HowTo will show you how this works.

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