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Microsoft is continuing its mission to bring new AI tools to its systems and apps over the coming months and years. After last month's introduction of its CoPilot tool into Windows 11, this month it's bringing text detection to the snipping tool, allowing you to copy text embedded in an image into your clipboard for use elsewhere.

Microsoft have now started a likely forever project of adding and enhancing AI tools within their software. This month sees Windows itself get an AI assistant that can answer questions and perform tasks within the operating system. Let's have a look at how to use it!

We have long been advocates of protecting your online accounts with more than just a password wherever that option is offered. However, it can be a hassle to have to grab your phone every time you want to log in somewhere if you're currently using a different device. This guide explains how to use Authy to sync these one-time codes to your desktop, laptop, tablet or additional phones.

As an IT support and development company, there's often occasions where someone is trying to describe an obscure problem to us in words that it would be much easier to show in a video. Microsoft have recently added the ability to record video in their screenshot snipping tool. This HowTo will show you how this works.

There's another "Moment" update to Windows 11 rolling out to most users running this operating system. Included in the new features is the ability to show seconds on the clock in the taskbar, which may be useful in some cases. We've therefore put together this guide explaining how to enable this setting.

Microsoft have been working away on a new version of Outlook for some time, and have just made it more widely available to Windows users that would like to preview it in advance of a wider launch. While most basic features are where you expect to find them, Automatic Replies have moved. This guide will show you where to find the Out of Office settings.

An Excel-specific HowTo for you this month (although this method may well work in other apps). This time, we will explain how you can leverage the power of a wildcard to make what would otherwise be hours of work take a matter of seconds!

Many of you with a Microsoft 365 subscription may use Microsoft's OneNote app as a note taking tool that syncronises between your devices. It has many other features though, including a pretty nifty ability to copy the text out of an image file and turn it into real text that you can use elsewhere. This guide explains how.

After promising it for years, Microsoft have finally added tabs to the File Explorer with the recently released "Moment 1" update to Windows 11. This means the days of having to open multiple File Explorer windows to compare folders or copy things around are over? So, how does the new feature work?