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This month's HowTo provides an explanation as to how to go about using Mailchimp to create a email to send out to a distribution list. Mailchimp has millions of options, so it won't be possible to cover all of these. Instead, we will just look at the most basic path to getting your message out to the people you want to send it to!

Remember when your PC was brand new and it seemed to respond instantly to every request? And now there's some days you're lucky if it even acknowledges that you've even asked it to do something? Our HowTo this months suggests some steps you can take to try and give your machine a bit of a speed boost.

We've all been there - you're right in the middle of something very important, and then Windows decides that it's a great time to update your PC. While disabling updates entirely is hugely inadvisable (and very difficult by design), it is possible to get Windows to try to apply at more convenient moments. This month's HowTo delves into the Windows 10 update options.

While the SSD drives that are supplied as standard with most devices these days are great at speeding up loading times compared to the bulky magnetic drives, they do currently tend to be a lot smaller. While storing your files on network file shares or cloud services like Dropbox or OneDrive can help to take the strain off of your own device, it's all too easy to fill it up anyway. Our HowTo this month will demonstrate some steps you can take to try and free up some space.

Everyone knows how to do a basic Google search. Type in either a full question or just keywords, and it'll return the results it thinks are most relevant. However, you may not be aware there's a whole series of extra things you can add to your search to help refine your results.

As you may or may not be aware, by default, your web browser keeps a record of every page of every website that you visit. While this can often be useful, if other people use the same browser, it can inadvertently ruin surprises you've been researching - especially at this festive time of year. In this HowTo, we take a look at how you can temporarily disable this record.

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