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For people that use Windows especially, Microsoft's approach to Teams has been a bit of a mess. Windows comes preinstalled with Teams, but this version doesn't support work accounts. For that, you need to install a different app also called Teams. This is finally being resolved.

If you use Microsoft's Outlook email client with any regularity, you may well have noticed the "Try the new Outlook" toggle appear at the top of the app in recent months. Maybe you've even tried it. Either way, the slow demise of the "classic" version of the app has now been outlined.

The latest figures from the browser measuring team at Statcounter has revealed that Microsoft's previously unloved Edge browser is now beginning to gain some traction - on desktop machines at least. It has now overtaken Safari as the second most popular browser. Should you be switching if you haven't already?

It's not the first time we've mentioned it and it won't be the last, but we're now entering the last full year of support for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. It's been a while since any love has been shown to the aging operating system feature-wise, but Microsoft have decided to introduce one last new element.

You may have read our recent articles on the new version of Microsoft Outlook that is eventually going to replace the current "classic" version for all users. Microsoft is making a similar change to their popular Teams app, but expect this one to be compulsory much quicker.

Users of Microsoft's Windows operating system should now be used to the twice yearly introduction of new features, and the autumn update is now starting to roll out to users. It includes AI enhancements, improvements to the file explorer and a fair bit more. So what exactly should you be expecting after you install it?

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