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There's been some interesting developments in the internet search market of late, mostly to Microsoft's advantage. This includes people being enticed towards Bing thanks to its ChatGPT integration, and Samsung's recent suggestion that they may switch the default search to Bing on their devices. Could Google's throne be under threat?

If you've had even a passing glance at the technology news over the past couple of months, you can't have failed to notice the increase in stories about AI, and more specifically ChatGPT. Does this mean that the AI revolution has arrived and is coming for your job?

You will likely have seen the recent news that the National Grid is preparing contingencies for the worst-case scenario that planned power outages are necessary this winter due to the volatile energy situation at the moment. This article takes a look at the implications of this to aid decision making in this area.

Picture the scene... you get a video call from your boss or your financial manager asking you to transfer funds or open that email attachment they've just sent you. You'd do it, right? They've just told you to. However, a new cyber-threat is emerging, and this time, it's visual.

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