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You may remember that Samsung had to recall all of their Note 7 phones from consumers and withdraw it from sale last year when it transpired that the battery was prone to overheating. With the recall now complete, the phones were sent to a recycling factory in China...

There was a flurry of publicity a few months back when Amazon announced they planned to start delivering their parcels via drone. On December 7th, this plan took its first step into reality when the first drone delivery was completed to an address in Cambridge. The parcel was delivered from a nearby warehouse, having been ordered 13 minutes earlier.

Research has shown that a large number of servers are still vulnerable to the widely publicised "Heartbleed" bug.

The problem is probably even worse than that research indicates, as they only measured the largest websites in the world, which one would expect to be well maintained. There are probably many more smaller sites that aren't actively maintained that are still susceptible to this bug.