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There was a flurry of publicity a few months back when Amazon announced they planned to start delivering their parcels via drone. On December 7th, this plan took its first step into reality when the first drone delivery was completed to an address in Cambridge. The parcel was delivered from a nearby warehouse, having been ordered 13 minutes earlier.

This is by no means a large scale rollout yet. This service is currently only being offered to a handful of customers. It will then be expanded to a few more in Cambridge.

There are some limitations to the service. According to Amazon's website, the drones can only operate when it's sunny. There will also almost certainly be airspace issues to deal with if and when it is rolled out on a large scale. Also, the drone needs somewhere to land, so it may not be a goer for delivery to blocks of flats, for example.

Still, while a full scale rollout of this technology is probably still a few years off, the prospect of same day delivery while easing the burden on the roads can only be a good thing.