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Software Development

3aIT have been developing applications to meet the needs of our clients for over 20 years, delivering a diverse range of applications to meet their exact requirements. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to design solutions that underpin the daily needs of their business.

Bespoke Software Development

For clients who require a fully tailored application designed around their needs.

Software Migration/Alteration

Where clients have an existing product which needs updating or altering to fit changes in the business process.

Software Research & Tailoring

Locating an off-the-shelf product to save costs for situations that the correct solution already exists.

Forward Planning

Combining these methods to allow for current budgets and future expansion plans.

Our developers strive to understand your application needs and deliver a first class product which utilizes the most suitable technologies available for your project. Please take a look at our range of development services and case studies below to understand more of what 3aIT can do for your business applications.

Bespoke Software Development

COS Web App

3aIT's main areas of expertise are in both consulting on and building bespoke, scalable web-based systems. Once your primary systems are web-based and using the open standards we develop to, your users will be able to use any platform, from Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux / UNIX or even a PDA or mobile phone to gain access to your system.

Previous examples of systems we have developed from scratch include systems for stockbroking, logistics call management, membership management, online rental and a CRM. See our case studies for a fuller description of some of these systems. All of these are tailored to the organisation's exact specifications after close consultation with 3aIT.

While, due to the bespoke nature of these projects, these systems are quite different to each other, here is an example of some of the features included in some or all of these:

  • Access to intranet locked down to authorised users only
  • System can be fully themed with your logos, colours, etc to match your corporate identity
  • Diary System to show overview of calls
  • In-Browser Popup Notifications
  • Hosted in "the cloud" for access anywhere in the world
  • Live statistics to monitor staff performance and to help refine your processes
  • PDF Invoicing and Quoting
  • Mobile specific versions of pages within your system or website so you can be sure your end users are receiving the best possible view of your system tailored to the device they are using.

If you would like to find out what 3aIT can offer you and your business, simply fill in the form on our contact page, or give us a call on 0203 384 3932 with an outline of your requirements, and we will get to work on designing the system that best meets your needs.

Web Application Development

Why you need a Bespoke Web App

Vin-X Bespoke Web ApplicationDo you have a clunky old bit of software running a vital part of your business? Perhaps it can only be run on an old operating system or browser, and you're now wondering what to do now to unlock the power of your data using more modern platforms.

Whatever the reason, we at 3aIT have found that most of the time, a bespoke web application is often the best way to provide the flexibility your business needs. As your system will now be running via an internet browser, this also removes the need for specific operating systems. We can create a system that allows you to access your data just as easily on a mobile or tablet as you can on a desktop machine.

What is a Bespoke Web Application?

In short, a bespoke web application is a bit of software that you access via a web browser that has been crafted to fit the requirements of your business exactly.

When we develop a bespoke website application, we first find out exactly what makes your business tick. If you have an existing application that you are looking to replace, we can use this as a starting point for your new web app.

Once we have all the requirements nailed down, we commence building your tailored application using PHP and SQL. The end result will run in any modern web browser - regardless of operating system. We can ensure that the application will work nicely with mobile devices if that's a priority for your business.

Advantages of a Bespoke Web Application

  • Access from anywhere: As the application runs from a browser, it can be accessed from any device that can get online anywhere in the world. However, this can be locked down to certain specific locations for security purposes if necessary.
  • Tailored to your business: No need to "make do" with an off-the-shelf package. Tell us what you want from your system, and we can make it happen. Many of our customers opt for an ongoing development contract once the initial work is completed so further features can be added and refined over time.
  • Granular access: If you have suppliers or customers that you'd like to be able to access certain bits of your system, this is entirely possible. As they don't need any fancy software to access your system, you just need to supply them with a username and password to get going.

Examples of 3aIT's Bespoke Web Application Development

Overline "WebOlis" CRM: Bespoke Web ApplicationTo give you an idea of the sort of bespoke web applications we have developed in the past, here is an outline of a few of them:

  • Wine Broking Application
  • Stock Broking Application
  • Customer Management Application (CRM)
  • Logistics Management Application
  • Booking system for a leisure centre
  • Web service integration
  • Umbrella Payroll Application
  • Invoicing system
  • SAP Integration

We've selected a few projects to explore the challenges involved and how they were overcome in our case studies below

GXG Markets

How we created single, multilingual website for financial market "GXG Markets" to replace their existing independent Danish and UK based websites.

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Web Based Stockbroking System

How we created a web based stockbroking system from scratch for stockbroking firm Pritchard Stockbrokers.

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Web Based Wine Broking System

How we created a web based CRM and trading system for wine investment brokers, Vin-X.

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Microsoft Access to Web Conversions

AccessWe have considerable experience with converting clients' bespoke Microsoft Access database applications to a more modern Web Based system using the latest HTML5 and Ajax technologies,

This gives the client all the features that Microsoft Access has to offer, but with the ease of use and compatibility of a web based system. No more copying front end systems about or getting everyone out to repair and compact the system.

It also removes the link between the device used to connect to the system and the system itself. This removes the requirement for a certain type of device or operating system (eg Windows) to access your company's database. Any device with a web browser will be able to access it. This means that you can allow access remotely if that is desirable. This can be locked down to certain users if necessary.

WebWe are able to easily convert an Access database so that it uses Microsoft SQL Server or an open source equivalent such as MySQL.

Our Sussex and Surrey based in-house developers have worked on projects including CRM systems for a leading telecoms company and many tools for financial services.

Please contact us for more information on how we can upgrade your internal systems.