Web Based Wine Broking System

The problem

Create a web based CRM and trading system for wine investment brokers, Vin-X.


3a Solution

We were approached by some of the same team that used our stockbroking system to see if it was possible to transform it into a system that functioned similarly, but involved dealing in a completely different commodity – wine. As the original stockbroking system was only ever intended to be used to trade stocks and shares, a reasonable amount of reworking had to be done here to match the new systems and processes of a wine broker.

Within about 3 months, we had a new version of the system geared towards trading wine rather than stock. Again this was not a final version, and has been continuing to evolve.

vinxSystemClientSince its inception, this new version of the system has had a complete facelift in the CRM department. It also provides live feed integration with Liv-ex, who provide current wine prices for all the wines in the system. This data is then used to build a graphical and tabular portfolio of each client’s wine.

Other features include a call diary that populates based on options picked within the system by a user to determine when a client needs contacting again, being able to “land” a wine in the system to be traded and then sold, and API link to pass across data from the website, and many bespoke reports designed in consultation with Vin-X.