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According to research by BT released earlier in the month to promote Safer Internet Day, many adults are unaware of the meanings of the abbreviations and emojis that the younger generation are using online.

4,500 adults were surveyed in this poll, and over 50% of adults were unaware of the meanings of KMS and MIA. However, the majority knew what 182, MIRL and WTTP meant. You can take the quiz yourself here.

Of course, many will argue it's an adult's right to misuse the slang of the young just to annoy them! Nevertheless, we're going to dedicate this month's jargon busting blog to deciphering a selection of commonly used abbreviations.

According to the Safer Internet Day press release, "the majority of children (84%) aged 8-17 have shared a photo online, with 1 in 6 doing so in the last hour". "4 in 5 young people have been inspired by an online image or video to take positive action". However "more than 1 in 5 have been bullied with images or videos online and 70% have seen images and videos not suitable for their age".