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While it will be some time before the full implications of the UK's vote to leave the European Union is known, there's some immediate effects that have already become apparent.

Cisco immediately raised prices following the result. They were shortly followed by Dell, who raised their prices 10% across the board on July 1st. HP were the next in line. They confirmed that prices will be rising around 10% from this month. ASUS have confirmed prices will be up 9% by Christmas. Finally, Lenovo have just announced that they will following suit and will be increasing prices 10% in August.

It is unlikely that these will be the last rises. The issue here is the falling value of the pound against the dollar. As these companies all deal primarily in dollars, they will continue to be effected by any further decreases. While we don't have a crystal ball, all indications seem to point to the pound continuing to devalue against the dollar over the next few months. Whether the prices fall back again if there is a recovery remains to be seen...