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Do you accept cookies? This question is thrown at us so many times a day now that most people just have a reflex action towards the "Accept" button so they can go about their business. The UK Government is hoping to change that with new laws that will remove the need for these banners. As is often the case, it's unlikely to be as simple as that...

It's probably not something that most people think about much, or are even necessarily aware of, but almost all of us are now browsing the web either with Google's Chrome browser, or a browser based on the same code. Does that matter? Well, the last time this happened, it didn't end well...

As you may have heard on the news recently, or indeed experienced first hand if you're a Neil Young or Joni Mitchell fan that uses Spotify, these two artists have requested their music be removed from the service in a row about Covid-19 misinformation. This blog is not specifically about this, but takes a look how we got here and wonders if there's anything we can do about it as consumers.

Some of you may remember the Little Britain sketch from a few years back. A question is asked of someone at a computer, that person taps away for a bit then says "computer says no" as the end of the discussion, regardless of the answer it has given and the question that has been asked. This actually touches on a very important point with topical significance that we will explore this 3a-Analysis blog.

We're using this month's 3a-Analysis blog do a rare blowing of our own trumpet. It's been a while since we've highlighed any of the projects we've been working on here, so we're taking this opportunity to reflect on a project that we've just put live - a new boutique ecommerce website for Seiko. Minor spoiler: We're very pleased with the results.

Yes, we know... ANOTHER article about this. However, as we'll cover in this 3a-Analysis blog, now is the time to act if there were any solvable IT issues identified by you or your business during the first Covid-19 lockdown. We'll take a look at some of the common problems we saw with some possible solutions. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Given that many of us are having our first experiences of home working, we thought it may be worth us relaying some things to consider having already done this ourselves to varying degrees for many years, and to also cover off some points that have been raised by those working at home for the first time.

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