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Wordpress 4.3 is due to be launched in August. This is a feature update rather than the more run-of-the-mill security updates. Features in this release include:

Password Strength

New passwords will have an auto-generated strong password prefilled as a suggestion. You can then copy and paste that into a password manager. You can, of course, edit the suggestion. The checker will provide feedback about the strength of your chosen password.


Favicons are the little images that appear next to the website title in your browser. Wordpress is now adding native support to add these via the adminstration section. It will provide a preview of how the image that you upload will look.

Disabled Comments

Comments will now be disabled by default on new pages to avoid websites being inundated by spam. Previously, you had to manually disable comments on a per-post basis. Now the reverse will be true.

Edit Menu Within Customiser

You will now have the ability to make changes to the website's menu within the theme customisation screen rather than having to make changes within the separate menu section. This will mean that changes can be previewed before you make them live.

Once released, we will be testing this update, then will start applying to all clients that have taken advantage of our CMS maintenance contract.