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Those of us that like opening loads of browser tabs and / or have machines that are getting on a bit may find that Chrome can sometimes bring their machine to a crawl. Google have introduced new settings to help combat this problem. This month's HowTo outlines how to activate this new feature.

 A screenshot of the top right hand section of Chrome with the menu button highlighed

Step 1: Open the menu using the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the Chrome window.

A screenshot of the lower half of the Chrome menu with the Performance option open
Step 2: Look towards the bottom of the menu for "More Tools" and click the "Performance" option.

A screenshot showing the new performance settings page in Chrome
Step 3: On the page that appears, you'll see a "Memory saver" option you can toggle on to improve performance. Note you can also add exceptions here if you have specific websites that it's important stay actively running in the background (Webmail, for instance).