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2 capital "A"s in different typefaces on a white backgroundMicrosoft Office's default font is probably not something you spend much of your time thinking about, but most of us certainly spend a lot of time looking at it. After many years of Calibri, Microsoft has decided it's time for a change. So what typeface will we be staring at in Outlook, Word, Powerpoint et al for the next few years?

The new font of choice is called "Aptos". Microsoft have been looking for a new default for a while, and this one rose to the top of the pile. It is renamed, in fact - it was previously known as "Bierstadt". It was designed by Steve Matteson, who also designed the Segoe UI font that has been used throughout the Windows operating system for a few years.

This is the first change to Office's default font since 2007 when it shifted from Times New Roman to Calibri. That shift was probably more noticeable than this one will be given Times is a serif font rather than the sans-serifs we're more used to seeing across the internet and our devices these days.

This change is already underway, and will be rolled out to all Office users over the coming months. If you're keen to get a head start, depending on your version of Office, you can probably see how it looks now. When we had a look in Word and Outlook, while we didn't have Aptos listed yet, it was already there listed as its previous "Bierstadtt" name to select. Either way, we'll all be spending a lot more time looking at it soon.