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An Excel-specific HowTo for you this month (although this method may well work in other apps). This time, we will explain how you can leverage the power of a wildcard to make what would otherwise be hours of work take a matter of seconds!

Ubiquitous messaging app WhatsApp recently added a feature to allow you to connect to the same account from multiple devices without having to have the primary phone powered on and connected to the internet. This was largely limited to desktops and laptops running the app or via web mode. A new feature in beta will extend this to tablets and additional phones.

Many of you with a Microsoft 365 subscription may use Microsoft's OneNote app as a note taking tool that syncronises between your devices. It has many other features though, including a pretty nifty ability to copy the text out of an image file and turn it into real text that you can use elsewhere. This guide explains how.

The EU has now set a deadline for all manufacturers of phones and other portable electronic devices to move over to USB-C charging ports if they're not already using them. From December 28th 2024, all portable devices (including iPhones and iPads) must be using this port. But Apple may not be the only ones displeased about this...

There's been a low-level murmur that passwords will be a thing of the past for some time now. Yet still, we dutifully create (and forget) increasingly complex strings with the looming threat of our entire online identities being stolen if someone guesses it. At last, those days may be numbered.

You will likely have seen the recent news that the National Grid is preparing contingencies for the worst-case scenario that planned power outages are necessary this winter due to the volatile energy situation at the moment. This article takes a look at the implications of this to aid decision making in this area.

After promising it for years, Microsoft have finally added tabs to the File Explorer with the recently released "Moment 1" update to Windows 11. This means the days of having to open multiple File Explorer windows to compare folders or copy things around are over? So, how does the new feature work?

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