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Windows 10 running on 2 monitorsIt's not the first time we've mentioned it and it won't be the last, but we're now entering the last full year of support for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. It's been a while since any love has been shown to the aging operating system feature-wise, but Microsoft have decided to introduce one last new element.

In the coming weeks, Windows 10 users should start seeing the new "CoPilot" AI facility added to their system. This was originally planned for Windows 11 systems only (and we've covered that rollout previously, along with a HowTo guide explaining how it works), but it's now going to make an appearance on Windows 10.

Despite this, the days for Windows 10 are very much numbered at this point. This new feature aside, Microsoft have pretty much stopped adding new elements to the OS. "Great - I hate it when they change stuff" we hear many of you say. However, in terms of being able to safely use a Windows 10 PC, far more significant than a lack of new features is the forthcoming end of security updates. It's hard to miss the constant stream of stories about companies brought down for weeks by malware, so anyone running an operating system that isn't receiving security updates would be a complete open door for these sorts of threats.

Microsoft have committed to providing security updates to Windows 10 until October 2025, so we're approaching the point that plans to identify any machines not already running Windows 11 will need to be made. This will involve understanding why it's still using Windows 10 and what to do about it. If they're PCs that are coming to the end of their useful life anyway, then they're likely to be replaced before the deadline. Windows 11 does have higher hardware requirements than Windows 10, so if you have a machine that can't run Windows 11, then that's a problem that will need solving in advance of the cut-off. If you're stuck on Windows 10 because you have apps that won't run on Windows 11, now is the time to start investigating either updating or replacing those apps. If you're still using Windows 10 because you hate change, then you may as well update now because that change is coming whether you like it or not!