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We emailed our mailing list with an additional email last month covering the breaking news about a flaw found in almost all Intel chips (and others) that has huge security implications for pretty much everyone that uses any device - PC, Mac, phone or tablet. Now the dust has begun to settle following the initial disclosure, we take another look at this flaw and what it means for us all.

Everyone knows how to do a basic Google search. Type in either a full question or just keywords, and it'll return the results it thinks are most relevant. However, you may not be aware there's a whole series of extra things you can add to your search to help refine your results.

After Netflix posted a message on Twitter about certain users watching the same Christmas film every day in December, some users seemed surprised that the company track users like this. In the latest in our occasional 3a-Analysis series, we explain the many ways you are being tracked online.

As you may or may not be aware, by default, your web browser keeps a record of every page of every website that you visit. While this can often be useful, if other people use the same browser, it can inadvertently ruin surprises you've been researching - especially at this festive time of year. In this HowTo, we take a look at how you can temporarily disable this record.

Microsoft have announced that there will be no further support for any of the applications within the 2007 version of their Office suite. This means this version of the software will no longer be patched, therefore leaving anyone running it on their machines vulnerable to attack.

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