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It's probably not something that most people think about much, or are even necessarily aware of, but almost all of us are now browsing the web either with Google's Chrome browser, or a browser based on the same code. Does that matter? Well, the last time this happened, it didn't end well...

It's that time of the year again - Microsoft have provided some details on the new features that are coming to Windows 11 in the next big update to the operating system, currently scheduled to be released to the general public at some point in the last few months of the year. So, what changes can we expect to see?

Most of us are now used to joining online meetings after the events of the last couple of years. Few of us have likely escaped the embarrasment of being the one with technical problems, whether that's missing video, or something wrong with your audio. This month's HowTo explains how to use a feature in Teams to check everything's working before joining a call.

As we have mentioned many times, in general, you should always try to keep your PC updated. In theory, this should be all but automatic these days. However, Microsoft have recently mentioned that machines may need to be powered up for at least 8 hours for the update process to complete

As you may have heard on the news recently, or indeed experienced first hand if you're a Neil Young or Joni Mitchell fan that uses Spotify, these two artists have requested their music be removed from the service in a row about Covid-19 misinformation. This blog is not specifically about this, but takes a look how we got here and wonders if there's anything we can do about it as consumers.

For some time, Windows users that didn't have or need a copy of Outlook have had to make do with the (frankly ropey) "Mail" app that has been installed by default unless they wanted to find an alternative. Microsoft plan to change that by bringing a new version of Outlook to all Windows 11 machines this autumn.

It's quite likely that there's a set of websites you always tend to visit when opening your web browser, or certain websites or web applications that you always need to hand. This month's HowTo will outline the simple process to pick a set of tabs to always load when you fire up Google's Chrome browser.

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