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Microsoft paused their twice-annual Windows 10 feature updates in the autumn and relegated that update to a "maintenance and security" release. It's therefore been a year since any significant new features have been added to the operating system, so what can we expect to find when the update starts rolling out later this month?

Did you know you can "donate" some of your machine's processing power towards fighting Covid-19 and other diseases? The Folding@Home project sends chunks of data to devices all round the world for them to analyse and send back to them. This month's HowTo explains the very simple steps necessary to get this up and running on your device.

Given that many of us are having our first experiences of home working, we thought it may be worth us relaying some things to consider having already done this ourselves to varying degrees for many years, and to also cover off some points that have been raised by those working at home for the first time.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about at the moment, criminals are now using the panic surrounding the global Covid-19 pandemic as a hook to try and get people to follow links and / or run software that will compromise their machines.

As Sonos announce that they are dropping support for some of their older speakers rendering them all but useless, in one of our 3a Analysis series, we wonder if we're sleepwalking into a world in which we'll be forced to constantly replace everything we own long before it is looking long in the tooth

This month's HowTo explains how to use a powerful and often underused tool in Microsoft's Outlook email application. Message Rules allow you to automatically apply all sorts of actions to your email. Always move an email from a certain address into a separate folder? Easy. Always mark an email with a certain phrase in the subject as important? Simple. Let's show you how...