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In this new age of regular video meetings and family catchups, many of us are using our webcams more than ever. This naturally causes people to be more alert to its presence and the potential for embarrassment if it captures something unintended by accident or malice. Webcam covers are an obvious solution to this, but Apple is warning people to be very careful with them.

Almost everyone will have had an app crash on them at some point. The first emotion felt is usually panic as you consider when you last saved what you were working on. Unless it has completely shut itself down in the process, the next task is to close it somehow. This HowTo explains all.

One of the big announcements in Apple's recent conference is that iPhone users will be able to add widgets to their home screen. This has been possible in Android since pretty much day one, but do you know how to do it? If not, this guide should help.

While Microsoft's completely rewritten version of their Edge internet browser has been available for a few months now, users have previously had to deliberately download it. This is no longer the case as it is now being pushed out via Windows Update. The question is, for those that have ignored it up until now, is it worth another look?

June 22nd saw Apple's annual developer conference move online-only for the first time. While the event may have been scaled down, the announcements of what's coming to their product range in the next few months were not. In this blog, we'll take a glance at some of the highlights.

We know many of you like to pile up the tabs in Google Chrome. While tabbed browsing is certainly a useful feature, it can start to get unwieldy once you have more than a handful of pages open at once. Google will soon be adding improvements to their Chrome browser to make things easier.

It used to be the case that if someone sent an email, that email would almost certainly have been sent from a single device that person owned. This meant an email signature only needed to be set up on that one device. That has not been the case for some time, and Microsoft will soon be introducing a feature to solve this problem.

Our HowTo section this month takes a look at the Wayback Machine. This online tool allows you to view almost any website at various dates going back many years. While many probably use it just to see how their favourite websites have evolved, it can occasionally be a very useful tool if you need to find something from your old website.

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