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Most Apple mobile devices are currently charged using a "Lightning" connector cable. However, if changes proposed by the EU are approved, Apple may be forced to change this soon. For those that can never seem to find the right cable, this may well turn out to be good news.

By default, when you first load Google's Chrome browser, it will display a single tab with a Google search box in it, along with some recently visited websites. However, it is possible to get it to always open a specific web page when you open it, and to also load any number of other pages into further tabs. This month's HowTo explains how to go about doing this.

Users of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system may notice a big change later this month. The company will be pushing out their new version of Microsoft Edge to all users in January. This isn't an incremental update, it's a wholesale rewrite that marks the end of an era for the firm.

The days that it's possible to continue to safely run Microsoft's Windows 7 are literally numbered. Despite the fact stats suggest that millions have clung on to the aging operating system until the very last moment, all support is being withdrawn in January.

When we wrote our blog detailing the IT-oriented policies contained in the manifestos of the 3 main UK-wide parties back in 2017, we didn't realise the opportunity to repeat this exercise would be presented quite so soon, and yet here we are! So, as we hurtle towards yet another general election, we take a look at the IT commitments from each manifesto.

As well as revealing that their Teams collaboration / messaging app is now attracting over 20 million daily users, Microsoft have also gazed into their crystal ball and have outlined some potentially useful new features coming to the software in the coming months.

When you're connected to another PC over remote desktop (perhaps in the office), you may well have a file either on your actual machine or the remote machine that you want to transfer from one to the other. This HowTo explains how to create a link between the two machines so you can move files between them freely.

In news that will surprise almost no-one that has been paying attention, the government has scrapped their plans to impose age restrictions on adult websites. In one of our 3a Analysis blogs, we take a look at the history of this decision and go on to explore why it is that politicians keep making mistakes like this when dealing with IT.

Almost all of our HowTos to date have covered the software side of computing. This month, we're going to hopefully provide you with enough working knowledge to be able to decide which device best suits your requirements next time you need to buy a new PC.