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Microsoft is ringing in the changes with their currently unloved Edge internet browser. Edge is the replacement for the once world-conquering Internet Explorer. However, stats suggest it isn't even coming close to reducing Chrome's current stranglehold on the market. So Microsoft is planning to take the best bits of Chrome and turn it into something new. Literally.

We have been using Microsoft's Teams app as a simple messaging app for a while. However, we've recently started embracing more of its features to improve our efficiency. We thought it would be worth spending one of our occasional 3a Analysis blogs looking at why we made the switch. 

A GCHQ survey has revealed a list of the most popular passwords. As usual, it makes for a depressing read for those of us ensuring that systems are secure as can be, only to find out that many still pick passwords that basically leave the front door unlocked! Our blog highlights a selection of the worst offenders.

In this blog, we look at a recently released report from leading security business Kaspersky that details their malware findings from the past year. They found that Microsoft Office is by far the most attacked bit of software. We look at this report in more detail and ask if there's anything you can do about this.

Have you ever wondered how to find out more about who owns a specific domain name? Maybe you want to find out whether it exists at all. Maybe you want to find out how long it has been registered for. Maybe you just want to be nosey! This month's HowTo explain how to go about getting these details.

WIndows 10 users should now be used to the twice-yearly feature updates to the operating system (as opposed to the usually monthly updates that are mostly security fixes). The next of these update is due imminently. In our blog this month, we take a look at what to expect this time around.

After the Labour party were forced to lock down access to their membership database after data was possibly accessed without permission, we thought it would be worth writing one of our 3a Analysis blogs about things that any company should consider when creating processes that help to limit the possibiliy of something like this happening to them.