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For anyone that has already made the switch to Windows 11, the most obvious change you'll notice is that the taskbar is now aligned centrally, along with a few other tweaks. This month's HowTo explores the new settings to customise what you see here, including moving everything back to the left, should you so wish.

Open the taskbar settings from the start menu by typing "taskbar" or right clicking the taskbar
Step 1: To get at the taskbar settings, either open the start menu and start typing "Taskbar" or right click the taskbar and pick "Taskbar Settings"

A series of options will be displayed that can be toggled
Step 2: A series of toggles will appear that allow you to switch various elements on or off including the Search button, Widgets and the new Chat app.

Step 3: Scroll down a bit futher and you'll find a dropdown for "Taskbar Behaviours". Click this, and you'll find a few more settings, including the option to move the whole taskbar back to the left, as it was in previous versions of Windows.