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With energy prices on the rise, you may be looking for ways to try and cut down on your bills. This month's HowTo will show you where to find the power settings in Windows, which determine how quickly various bits of your PC are put into sleep mode, therefore saving power.

Don't worry - nothing to do with pandemics! You may remember a lot of reporting on attacks using so-called "Pegasus" spyware a while back, which allowed attackers pretty much full access to any phone with no known fix. This new feature coming to iPhones is intended to mitigate this risk somewhat.

You don't need the memory of an elephant to remember a time in which Microsoft said version 10 of Windows would be the "last ever". That clearly wasn't the case given Windows 11 now exists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Microsoft is planning to release another major version in the not too distant future.

Do you accept cookies? This question is thrown at us so many times a day now that most people just have a reflex action towards the "Accept" button so they can go about their business. The UK Government is hoping to change that with new laws that will remove the need for these banners. As is often the case, it's unlikely to be as simple as that...

After over two decades of service, Microsoft have finally pulled the plug on what was once a world-conquering web browser. It will not be mourned by many, although it has caused some issues for legacy applications that still need it. We take a quick look at what is and isn't possible here according to Microsoft's timelines.

Depending on the version of Outlook you use and your company setup, if you've gone to send a colleague an email particularly early or late in the day, you may have noticed a message asking if you'd like to send the email within their working hours. This month's HowTo explains where to change these times.

If Word, Excel, Outlook or one of the other products in Microsoft's Office suite is giving you a terminal error or has gone a bit wonky, one easy thing you can do to try and fix this is attempt an Office repair. This article will explain how to do that in Windows 10 and 11.

In our blog last month, we mentioned a proposed new EU law that will compel Apple to allow other rival web browsers on their iThings. This month, reports suggest we will soon be seeing the effects of a previous EU ruling across the whole iOS range that will have a big impact on how those devices will be charged in the future.

We've mentioned a few times recently that Microsoft have been working on a brand new "built from the ground up" version of Outlook over the last few months, which will eventually replace the current version. They have now released a beta version of the app to the general public, which means we can now see broadly how this new version will look and work.

In news for users of Microsoft's venerable operating system, they have trailed the fact that, in the coming months, they will be introducing tabbed navigation to the File Explorer window. In this article, we briefly outline what will be changing exactly, and how it may be useful to many Windows users.