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Our HowTo section this month takes a look at the Wayback Machine. This online tool allows you to view almost any website at various dates going back many years. While many probably use it just to see how their favourite websites have evolved, it can occasionally be a very useful tool if you need to find something from your old website.

Did you know you can "donate" some of your machine's processing power towards fighting Covid-19 and other diseases? The Folding@Home project sends chunks of data to devices all round the world for them to analyse and send back to them. This month's HowTo explains the very simple steps necessary to get this up and running on your device.

Given that many of us are having our first experiences of home working, we thought it may be worth us relaying some things to consider having already done this ourselves to varying degrees for many years, and to also cover off some points that have been raised by those working at home for the first time.

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