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As an IT support and development company, there's often occasions where someone is trying to describe an obscure problem to us in words that it would be much easier to show in a video. Microsoft have recently added the ability to record video in their screenshot snipping tool. This HowTo will show you how this works.

There's another "Moment" update to Windows 11 rolling out to most users running this operating system. Included in the new features is the ability to show seconds on the clock in the taskbar, which may be useful in some cases. We've therefore put together this guide explaining how to enable this setting.

Microsoft have been working away on a new version of Outlook for some time, and have just made it more widely available to Windows users that would like to preview it in advance of a wider launch. While most basic features are where you expect to find them, Automatic Replies have moved. This guide will show you where to find the Out of Office settings.

There's been some interesting developments in the internet search market of late, mostly to Microsoft's advantage. This includes people being enticed towards Bing thanks to its ChatGPT integration, and Samsung's recent suggestion that they may switch the default search to Bing on their devices. Could Google's throne be under threat?