Hosting terms and conditions

1. Invoicing

1.1 Hosting renewal invoicing

1.1.1 You will receive an email advising of impending renewal at least a month before renewal is due. This email will be sent to the email address we have on account for you. It is your responsibility to ensure this email address is up to date.

1.1.2 If invoices have not been paid within the terms stated, your hosting account may be suspended without warning.

1.1.3 Unless otherwise agreed, hosting is invoiced a year at a time. There will be no refunds on part-complete hosting contracts if hosting is moved elsewhere at a later date.

2. Hosting accounts

2.1 Hosting quota

2.1.1 All hosting packages have a global storage quota allowance. This allowance is stated on the hosting packages page our website, and we will inform customers of any changes to these.

2.1.2 It is your responsibility to ensure your account remains below this limit, and you can log in to your control panel at any time to check how much you are using. The hosting quota is usually a combination of website files and email.

2.1.3 You will receive automated emails as you approach your quota.

2.1.4 If your account is over quota, we will email you to remedy the situation, either by deleting enough data to get the account back within quota, or by increasing the level of your hosting package. If the problem is not resolved, in the first case, we will automatically bill for the next hosting package up for the remainder of your term. If this invoice goes unpaid, we will delete the account.

2.2 Uptime

2.2.1 While we endeavour to ensure our hosting servers are stable and reliable enviroments, there may be unavoidable downtime throughout the course of your hosting agreement. This can come in the form of scheduled emergency repairs, or can be unscheduled loss of service.

2.3 Server relocation

2.3.1 It may occasionally be necessary for us to move your hosting account from one server to another. While we have systems that automate this process, there are some elements of this that may cause a small amount of downtime, and / or will need some action on your part. If a server move is necessary, we will give you as much notice as possible, and will let you know what action you need to take (if any).

2.4 Website code

2.4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, it is your responsibility to ensure that the code used on your website (or other hosted services) is fit for purpose, and remains up to date. This includes (but is not limited to) ensuring CMS solutions like Wordpress and Joomla are always up to date. If your website is breached and is detrimentally affecting the server, we may be forced to disable your hosting service.

3 Email

3.1 Mailbox size

3.1.1 Every mailbox has a storage quota. If this has not been set explictly, then it will be hit when the quota for your entire account is hit. Your mailbox may refuse new email if this quota is hit. It is your responsibility to ensure your email account remains within its quota. You can check the size of your mailbox from your control panel.

3.2 Security

3.2.1 We accept no liability for email accounts that have been compromised via password guessing.  It is your responsibility to ensure your email passwords are strong enough, and we advise changing these regularly via your control panel.

3.2.2 We have protection on our email servers that prevents multiple password attempts being made over a short period of time. This will block connections for a short period.

3.3 Compromised accounts

3.3.1 In the event that an email account becomes compromised, we will take whatever measures necessary to remedy the situation – up to and including disabling the problem account. Where possible, we will work with customers to help to fix the problem.

4 Backup

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, we are not responsible for providing a backup of your hosting account. We recommend you keep your own backups of all data within your hosting account. If the data is lost from our server and your have no backup, it may be lost forever.

5 Suspension of service

We may suspend your service if:

5.1 You do not cooperate with our investigations and suggestions while in breach of our terms

5.2 Any of the hosted services we provide (including email and website hosting) are compromised by a 3rd party.

5.3 We are required to by law

5.4 Your hosting account is detrimentally affecting other customers sharing the same server

6 Changes to these terms

6.1 We may have cause to change these terms in the future. Changes will be made to this web page. If our terms are updated, we will inform the same email accounts we use to notify of renewal.