Email Archiving

Many industries are bound by rules that require them to ensure they have an archive of all email the company has sent and received – sometimes going back years. This is often costly – not only from a data storage standpoint, but also from a retrieval standpoint if you need to access these messages again at a later date.

This is why 3aIT have partnered with Fusemail to provide an Email Archiving service.

What does Fusemail’s Email Archiving Solution do?

Fusemail’s Email Archiving solution saves and indexes every email meaning you can search them with ease when necessary. This helps your business to comply with regulations imposed by PCI, Companies Act, Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act amongst others.

A simple per-user cost enables the solution to scale to the needs of your business without any additional installation or maintenance charges.

This archive is also tamperproof as the messages are stored in a remote location and are archived before they’ve even hit your email server.

This is all managed with a web based system – no software is required to access the archive.

Please contact us if you feel you and your business could benefit from this service.