Spam Filtering

Keeping spam out of your inbox while ensuring that genuine email isn’t also caught in the net is a constant battle. Spammers are always working on new ways past filters, so your spam filter needs to be constantly adjusting to allow for this.

This is why 3aIT have partnered with Fusemail to provide an Email Security / Spam Filtering service that we have tried and tested.

What does EPA’s Email Security and Spam Filtering Solution do?

Fusemail’s Email Security and Spam Filtering Solution has a spam detection rate consistently around 99.9%. You don’t have to install any software – the filtering is all done before the email hits your inbox. This means it works with any email system. Of course, as the processing of these spam emails is done externally, this means they never hit your company’s server, which will reduce network traffic and server load.

All the administration is done via a website. We can manage this for you if you require. Reports can be set up to let you know exactly what is being blocked.

Please contact us if you feel you and your business could benefit from this service.