Phone Systems

3aIT and our partners can provide voice over IP (VOIP) telephone systems, tailored to your business so your phone system works the way you want.

We incorporate Asterisk Open Source PBX, As the largest open source platform and at the time of writing Asterisk holds a 17% share of the global PBX market.

Key features of VOIP systems we have implemented in the past have included:

  • DDI Numbers
  • Call queues
  • User/company voicemail boxes
  • Automated opening / closing hours
  • Playback of a user created recording during close times
  • Linking of multiple offices for FREE calls between those offices
  • Call recording
  • Skype Connect Integration
  • ISDN 30 and SIP
  • Home Workers

Our new rePBX system that can use you existing hardware or virtual environment to power your communication needs, its 100% VOIP and no need for costly BT ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines.

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