Web App Design

We have been expanding our Web App Design and Development offerings to provide our clients with bespoke mobile phone and tablet web applications.

What is Web App Design?

A web app differs from a “full-blown” app in that the user doesn’t have to install anything on their device to see your app. It is viewed using the device’s web browser. In other words, it’s a web page that has been heavily customised to look great on mobiles and tablets.

Why use Web App Design?

Web App Design: Wine Investment Landing PageThe obvious advantage a web app has over a software app is that you only need one version of your app running for all platforms and devices. As it’s just a web page, it doesn’t matter if the user is using an Android phone or an iPad – they will get a consistent experience without the additional overhead of having to create installable apps for every mobile platform. This also removes the necessity of having to comply with the varying rules that the mobile operating system providers impose on their app stores. As long as the device has a web browser, it will be able to use your app.

When not to use a web app

If one can do all this within a web page, then why bother with installable apps? In some cases people just assume that an installable app is the way to go without considering the extra costs in doing so, and the extra effort required by the end user to use it.

That said, installable apps do have their place. Aside from the prestige of having an app (or series of apps) for your company in an app store, there are some things a web app can’t do. It can’t send out push notifications to a device to alert the user to important events. It can’t read data off of their device, and it can’t provide a full screen experience as it is tied to the constraints of the web browser.

3aIT does offer iPhone app development as well, so let us know your requirements, and we’ll advise you about what would be the best approach for the app you want us to create.

Examples of 3aIT Web App Design

3aIT’s web app design has included a web booking application for rug cleaning rental company Rug Doctor. This web app provides a version of their booking system that is optimised to provide a much more user friendly experience when using a mobile device than forcing users to make do with the desktop optimised view.

Web App Design: Rug Doctor Web AppWe have also engineered PPC Landing pages for wine broking company Vin-X Wine Investment. Again, this is just a view of the desktop version that has been tailored to render nicely on mobile devices. This app features rich video content and internal management tools for tracking logistics

If you would like to be able to offer responsive web apps to your users on a mobile or tablet which are cross-platform on IOS and Android, then contact us now.

We have been expanding our Web Application Development and Design to provide our clients with bespoke mobile phone and tablet web applications.

This has included a Web Booking application, PPC Landing pages with rich video content and internal management tools for tracking logistics. If you need to access key company data on a mobile or tablet cross-platform on IOS and Android, then contact us now.