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windows10 400x400As regular readers will know, Microsoft have been releasing twice-yearly feature updates for Windows 10 for some time now, and this isn't changing any time soon. We have covered what to expect from each of these released so far, so with the spring update due soon, what changes should we expect to find this time?

Before we get into that, we'll cover the "when". There isn't currently a fixed date for what is known as the "21H1" update yet (the autumn update being 21H2). This would suggest that it probably won't get a final release in the next couple of weeks. It's likely we'll see it launched at the tail end of April or at some point in May

The last couple of years have seen the spring update bringing in more features with the autumn update focussing more on stability and quality of life changes. So, what excitement does Microsoft have in store for us this time? Well, not that much...

The only non-technical addition is adding multicamera support to Windows Hello, and this is current a pretty niche feature (so much so that no doubt most reading probably don't even know what this refers to). There's a couple of other fairly technical additions that will be of little interest to average user. And that's about it!

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. Fewer features means fewer things to go wrong! So, why are we seeing the second somewhat limited update in a row? Microsoft is currently planning to make this autumn's release much larger than usual, with many new features added and adjustments to the design in some places. This may or may not actually come to pass, but we'll cover this in more detail closer to the time.