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Someone using GoogleAs you may or may not already be aware, Google is very happy to hoover up and store every detail you input via its various services. By default, this includes every search you make. They are now launching a feature to make it easy to delete the most recent of these.

Google go on to explain why someone might want to do this. The typical "suitable for work" example give is often "researching birthday presents". Whatever the reason, to utilise this new feature, assuming you're signed in to Google, just tap your profile picture in the top right and pick the new "Delete last 15 minutes" option.

This is far from the only way to ensure your data isn't logged. Searching in Private or Incognito mode will ensure that Google doesn't store any searches against your account. It is also possible to go into your account privacy settings and disable storing of data for various applications and deleting all currently stored data. However, some people do find that data storage useful in general, but have specific circumstances where they would like that data removed. This solution seeks to solve that problem.

This new feature was one of a range unveiled at a recent conference to launch the forthcoming Android 12 operating system. Many of these features had a renewed focus on privacy - something that is becoming increasingly desirable as people begin to realise exactly how much of their data is being stored and sold on.