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Almost all of us will have been CCed into an endless email thread that has long moved past being relevant to you (or was never relevant in the first place). Still, your device keeps pinging away, needlessly distracting you from what you were doing.

Microsoft have added an option to try and solve this. In Outlook terminology, an ongoing email thread is a "conversation". Following these very simple steps, you can instruct Outlook to "ignore" any future emails in this conversation. Just note that it moves these potential future emails straght to your Deleted Items folder, so make sure you don't get too carried away with the power!

Select message and click Ignore
Step 1: Click the message in the email thread that you want to ignore all future email about, then click the Ignore button in the top ribbon.

Step 2: Just click the "Ignore Conversation" button, and all future emails on this thread will be moved straight into your Deleted Items.