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We are pleased to be able to announce that, in conjunction with our partners at VoIP Unlimited, we are now able to offer their new "VoIP Exchange" solution.

In basic terms, this is a cloud based phone system that runs over IP (the internet). This means that rather than having your own onsite server running an IP based phone system, you effectively hire capacity on VoIP Unlimited's servers to run it via theirs.

All that is needed initially is setup of a VoIP phone for each user. While this is traditionally a physical desk-based handset, it is also possible to use an app to allow a mobile to connect to the system.

As a VoIP Unlimited partner, we are able to assist with this initial configuration of the system (and with the setup of any additional users in the future, if necessary). Once this is complete, other than the cost of the calls themselves, the only ongoing cost is a per-user monthly fee.

While we wouldn't recommend this solution in all cases (indeed, the cost effectiveness becomes limited once you reach 15-20 users), for small setups, this may prove an ideal method of moving to a VoIP based system. The main benefit is the removal of the initial outlay on a server to run your phone system internally. Also, depending on how your network is set up, this may make it easier for businesses with remote users to allow access to your phone system externally.

If you think that this system may benefit your business, or indeed if you're interested in a VoIP phone system but are unsure where best to start, let us know and we'll be happy to help.