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Office 2019Microsoft have unsurprisingly announced that there will be a new version of their Office suite launched this year. This new version will start rolling out to early adopters soon, with everyone else getting it a few months later.

However, those not using Windows 10 will be out of luck. It has been revealed that Office 2019 will only run on devices that are running Windows 10. Those still running Windows 7 or 8 will not be able to install it.

They have also announced that the support period for this forthcoming version will be shorter than it has been in the past. They have tended to support their apps for about 10 years after release (with only essential security updates for the last few of these). All support will end for Office 2019 in October 2025. This means that anyone still running it after this date will be at risk of hackers exploiting security vulnerabilities that will no longer be patched.

Of course, it could certainly be argued that not being able to run Office 2019 will probably be no great loss for most people - at least while the previous version is supported. Most people don't use any features introduced since Office '95, so it's unlikely that they'll take advantage of any features introduced in Office 2019!