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If you've ever set up your email in an email programme (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail etc), you will have been asked if you want to set up your email using IMAP or POP3. While you will generally find that either of these work (certainly the email services we provide will work with either of these), you may not be aware of the difference between these.

There's now fewer than 150 days until the 2003 edition of Microsoft's popular server operating system is out of support. Much like the recent end of support for Windows XP, this means that this edition of their operating system will no longer receive any updates (security related or otherwise). Again, much like XP, this will leave machine / servers running this operating systems highly vulnerable to attacks as new flaws in the system are found and remain unpatched.

The team behind the Chrome web browser have proposed that the browser will make it much more obvious to the user when a site isn't using an SSL certificate (i.e. it hasn't got https:// at the beginning of the domain name). While just a suggestion at this stage, it is in line with the previous news that Google have already started increasing the ranking of sites that use an SSL certifcate versus those that don't.

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