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All support for Microsoft's unloved "Vista" operating system will be ending this month. While support continued to be offered to organisations stuck on Windows XP users (assuming they were willing to pay for it), no such support will be made available to Vista users.

The cutoff date arrives on April 11th. As with the end of XP support, that means that any bugs found in the operating system after that date will not be patched. This leaves any machines still using this operating system extremely vulnerable to compromise.

Vista got a bad press on release (mostly due to lack of 3rd party driver support, and therefore many devices not working with it). However, over time, the initial problems were resolved. However, this did not happen quickly enough to for the bad reputation it had gained to be undone. Therefore, Microsoft pretty much just rebadged the last major update that Vista got as Windows 7, and everyone loved it!

As you would expect, Microsoft recommends that anyone still using Vista upgrades to their latest operating system, Windows 10.