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A new major version of popular CMS application Wordpress is now available to install. We covered the major changes a few weeks ago.

In brief, improvements to this version include:

  • Better Multilingual Support - The initial installation screen now will prompt you to pick your language.
  • Embed Previews for URLs - This means that when you paste content from external sources like Youtube into the text editor when writing an article, you will see a preview of this content here.
  • Plugin Installation - This section has received an overhaul to become more visually appealing.
  • Post Editor improvements - The bar of formatting options will stick to the top of the post editor even when editing a long article to save having to scroll back up to use it.
  • Improved widget UI - They now have their own section in the theme customiser.
  • Media grid view - This provides a neater view of all the media you have uploaded for inclusion in articles.

As always, our advice is to test this upgrade first before deploying on your live website. There shouldn't be any major issues, as this is really just another incremental upgrade. However, there's always the possibility that something will go wrong - especially if you're using a wide array of 3rd party plugins which may or may not have been updated to support the latest features.