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The next big Windows 10 update (dubbed the "Creators Update") is due to launch on April 11th. It will be made available as an automatic compulsory update from that date.

Microsoft is still sticking to its promise that Windows 10 will be the "final" version of Windows, and that it will continue to receive incremental feature updates like this forthcoming release.

So what does this new update include?

  • Windows Update changes - Users not on Windows Home will be able to defer all updates to their machine for 35 days to remove any chance of your machine downloading and installing these in the background. They're also making changes that will mean the updates are much smaller and quicker to install.
  • There's a "night light" mode that reduces the blue light emitted by your monitor to make night usage easier on the eyes.
  • There will be a new version of the trusty "Paint" app called Paint 3D. As you would expect, this makes creating images in 3D possible.
  • It will include a new "Game Mode" that can prioritise your machine resources towards a game you're running and away from other things that may be running in the background.
  • The privacy panel has been has been upgraded so that you can easily see which apps have access to which permissions. It also makes it easier to delete data that Microsoft stores in the cloud.
  • Microsoft's "Edge" browser will get a raft of small improvements such as tab previews and a "night" mode.