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Potentially important news for anyone still using Microsoft's Windows XP - Google have announced that they will be ending support for their Chrome web browser on this operating system in April.

While Microsoft themselves ended support for Windows XP some time ago, there are still a number of machines using this (relatively) ancient operating system, either through necessity or otherwise. Keeping these machines secure is a major issue now, and this news may make the task even harder.

The support for the latest version of Internet Explorer available on XP also ended some time ago, so this will leave Mozilla's Firefox as the last major browser standing. Of course, it could well be argued that the safest thing to do is to deny any XP machine access to the internet entirely unless it's absolutely necessary.

In addition to XP, support is also being dropped for Mac OS 10.6 - 10.8, as these are no longer supported by Apple. In all these cases, Google's advice is to upgrade your operating system as soon as possible.