3aIT Blog


This month's jargon busting blog is slightly different. Rather than explaining a concept, we're going to just list a series of abbreviations that are frequently used online along with their meanings. Of course, the nature of these things means that they evolve on an almost minute-by-minute basis, so some might be out of date before I've finished typing it!

?: I won't tell anyone
9: Parent watching
99: Parents stopped watching
182: I Hate You
ASL: Age, Sex and Location
CD9: Code 9 / Parents are around
DBEYR: Don't believe everything you read
GNOC: Get Naked on Camera
GTG: Got to go
IKR: I know, right
J/K: Just Kidding
KMS: Kill Myself
(L)MIRL: Let's meet in real life
LMK: Let me know
MIA: Bulimia
NVM: Nevermind
OFC: Of course
OIC: Oh, I see
OOTD: One of these days
Our x: Our secret
PIR: Parent in room
POS: Parent over shoulder
SITD: Still in the dark
WTTP: Want to trade pictures?
WYCM: Will you call me