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Man using laptop and mobile at the same timeIt used to be the case that if someone sent an email, that email would almost certainly have been sent from a single device that person owned. This meant an email signature only needed to be set up on that one device. However, now many of us are sending emails from desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets depending on what he have to hand at the time. This poses a problem if you have an email signature that needs to be added to every email you send.

For many years, having the ability to sync a signature across multiple devices has been one of the most popular feature requests from users of Microsoft's Outlook app. Anyone that's been after this ability can now rejoice - it will be introduced in an update for Microsoft 365 subscribers next month. This will mean that if a change is made to a signature on one of your devices, that change can automatically be made on every device you have your email set up on.

We know many of our clients have their company signature set at the server end. This means that a global signature automatically gets appended to every email sent, and users cannot make changes to it directly. However, for those that can't or do not want to set up signatures in this way, this new feature should make the task of ensuring every email a staff member sends includes a signature a lot easier.