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Microsoft TeamsAs well as revealing that their Teams collaboration / messaging app is now attracting over 20 million daily users, Microsoft have also gazed into their crystal ball and have outlined some potentially useful new features coming to the software in the coming months.

We covered the advantages of Microsoft's Teams software in detail a few months back in our "Why we switched to Microsoft Teams" blog. It's still our message / file management app of choice, and quite a few of our clients are either using it already, or plan to soon.

For those people, the list of new features coming may be of interest. First amongst these are Private Channels, which has already been added to the app. This allows Teams users to create channels that can only be viewed and accessed by specific people - useful for a team detailing with confidential or sensitive information.

Another nice new feature is deeper integration with the Outlook email client. A button will be added to allow users to send an email straight to a Teams channel for discussion, removing the need to forward on or copy and paste the contents. The reverse will also be true - if you or someone else has written something in Teams that will form the basis of an email, you will be able to send that text straight to Outlook.

They will also be adding the ability to create pop out windows for specific chats so you don't have to flip between tabs to navigate betwen ongoing conversations, pinned channels to keep track of important conversations, and a handful of slightly more obscure features. We look forward to seeing these additions in the new year.