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The S range of phones retain the design from the previous model, but the internal components are upgraded to speed things up. New features include a pressure sensitive screen, improved cameras and a faster processor.

In addition, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS9, is also now available for the iPhone 4S+, 5th generation+ iPod Touches, iPad 2+, iPad Air+, iPad Pro+ and iPad Mini+.

Many of the changes are fairly subtle. The notification centre now groups messages by date rather than by app. There's also a redesigned app switcher. There's a new Low Power mode to help squeeze some extra life out of the phone when your battery is running low. You can also now see a list of which apps are using up your battery. Additionally, Apple have improved Siri's usefulness and it will now aid in accessing apps. Of course, Android users may notice that all of these features have been "borrowed" and have been available on their phones and tablets for some time!